Apartments For Rent

I talked to a friend of mine about apartments for rent to see if he had heard of any. I told him I wanted to stay around the price I was paying now

Facebook Group For Apartments

He said he saw a Facebook group for apartments for rent. He couldn’t remember the name, but said that he would look for it and tell me what it was

Apartment In Las Vegas Area

I decided to search online for an apartment for rent Las Vegas area. I found a few websites that list apartments in the area.

Looking For An Apartment For Rent Las Vegas Area

I recently found out that my landlord is selling his property. He gave me the option of staying or breaking my lease without any penalty since he was selling the apartments. I had been wanting to move ever since I moved in. The apartments were too small and it seemed like there were a good bit of people that lived here. I didn’t like living in this area and have been looking for an apartment for rent las vegas area.

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Apartments Are All Within My Price Range



I decided to look around on there at pictures that I could find of the apartments and to see if I could figure out where they were at. I have found some that I am going to call about tomorrow so I can see them in person. I want to look at them and where they are located to make sure it is convenient for me. I also want to make sure it’s not an overcrowded apartment complex. But looking at some of these pictures it doesn’t seem like any of them are overcrowded. I am hoping I like one of these apartments because they are all within my price range. There were other ones that are for rent too, but they cost a little bit more.